Here in the Zone your funds help us help wildlife, pure and simple.
But the problems facing wildife are hardly pure or simple, including:

  • Climate change
  • Development and urban sprawl
  • Biological, chemical, noise, and light pollution
  • Invasive species
  • Overhunting, overfishing
  • Animal exploitation
  • Human population growth and resource overuse

To see more of what we do to combat these challenges, please visit our Programs page.

The more we grow, the more Projects we will add
here in California and Latin America.

The Wild Zone is also working hard on
a campaign to purchase, preserve and
protect several hundred acres of land
in east San Diego county already occupied
by endangered species. This Preserve will
be protected and managed as a wildlife
sanctuary and key habitat corridor. This
is our dream, and your donation brings
us that much closer to making it come true.

Thanks from all of us here in The Zone.

Wild Zone Wish List:

♥  Citizen Science volunteers! See our Programs for details.

♥  Spotting scopes

♥  Binoculars

♥  Gift cards for nest boxes and platform lumber

♥  iPad / Computer Notebooks

♥  Kestrels, clicker counters, clipboards

♥  Website / Citizen Science data manager volunteer

♥  Pacific Marine Mammal and Bird Field Guides

♥  Backpacks