Stop Congressional Attacks On Wolves!
posted Dec. 5, 2018

Congress’ attacks on the Endangered Species Act and the struggling wildlife it protects continue to mount. America's wolves desperately need your help!

Why This Matters:

The future of gray wolf recovery is in jeopardy, as Congress continues their attacks on the vulnerable wolves, using wildlife as a political pawn to appease special interest groups including the NRA.

Last month the House of Representatives passed HR 6874, a horrible anti-wolf bill that would severely undermine the Endangered Species Act, and your ability to defend wildlife in court, and send wolves back to the brink.

The misleadingly named “Manage Our Wolves” Act strips Endangered Species protections from all gray wolves in the lower 48, handing their management over to hostile state wildlife agencies. It even limits your ability to hold wildlife agencies accountable in court, setting a dangerous precedent. Wolves are still endangered, and allowing their delisting and subsequent rampant hunting will bring them back to the brink of extinction in a few short years.

Now House Republicans are trying to add the text of the “Manage Our Wolves” act as a rider into the House’s must-pass spending bill. If they succeed, these attacks will become law, wolf recovery would be devastated, thousands of animals will suffer and die, and ecosystems will lose precious biodiversity as their keystone predators are wiped out.

⇒ Tell your members of Congress in both Cahmbers: Amercians want wolves to thrive not go extint! Demand your elected leaders remove anti-science, anti-wildlife, anti-accountabiliy riders from any and all bills, spending bill included!

⇒ These riders have nothing to do with science, and everything to do with the power of the NRA and profit-hungry Trophy Hunting outfits. Don't let them decide who lives, dies, or goes extinct for their pleasure.

⇒ Wolves have just begun to recover in some areas of the country thanks to Endangered Species Act Protections. But it is too soon to remove wolves from the ESA. Continued federal protections are critical to securing the fragile recovery of existing wolf populations and allowing wolves to expand into other suitable habitat they evolved to occupy centuries ago.

⇒ These riders are nothing more than a cruel attack on the endangered gray wolf, the ESA, and your ability to defend both. If Congressional leaders don’t remove them, and the spending bills pass next week, vulnerable gray wolves would lose all federal protections in the lower 48, and the public would lose their right in court to hold agencies accountable for sound, scientific management.

⇒ Anti-wildlife policy “riders” don’t belong in government spending bills. Tell your members of Congress: Push Congressional leadership to remove the riders!

For the gray wolf to truly recover, we must push back against any and all attempts to undermine, remove or reduce these protections.